Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New for 2013

I am housekeeping.  Not as well as I would like, but I am trying.
First, there are a few new things around here for 2013. 
I added a tab entitled "Printables" to my header.
Up at the top.

The various scripture printables I created for bible study are up there, if you need some to place around your house and memorize this year.

On the home front, I also have plans.  
Big plans.  

I am trying this.....   An "easy" way to pay bills 

via Angie at Echoes of Laughter

Is there really an EASY way to give a bunch of companies money out of your checking account?   

I am hoping to get ultra-organized around here.  I may even be tossing some things away and giving a few items to charity.  I even have a few things listed on Ebay, now.  My husband won't recognize this place after a few days of my cleaning. 

I am envisioning this by dinner....

Wish me luck.

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