Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Styleboard

I haven't accomplished much, today.  
I did create a styleboard, though.  
Because that is crucial in the day-to-day operation of our lives around here.  I hope my kids and husband don't read what I have been doing instead of laundry and cleaning and dinner and such.

Here is my so-called styleboard.....

Big whoop-dee-do, huh?  Especially in this world of famine and sadness and problems.   l look at it this way - a little 'escapism' can be refreshing and help us conquer the real issues.  

I just went to my Pinterest boards and copied my favorite photos.  I probably did not give it as much thought as I should.  I could have created 20 different versions of these 3x3 styleboards, actually.  

I copied Cottage and Vine, who copied these great instructions from Darlene at Fieldstone Hill.
Also - I have never used Picmonkey, before.  I found it to be quite fun and easy!

Have a nice day!

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh, I don't have a problem giving it more thought. I'm so indecisive. I don't that I could make a style board.
But...I do love picmonkey!!! It's my favorite.

I may copy YOU! and do one of these in the future. ;) Pat

Amy O'Quinn said...

I shall sooo be doing this...I like escapism too. It's good for you!

Luisa Chandler said...

I love PicMonkey! I've used it for many things but never thought about making a style board...thanks for sharing this great idea! Found you on Frugal Friday :-)

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