Friday, December 14, 2012

My Favorite Things Under $15

Here is a quick rundown of a few of my Favorite Things that are less than $15.

This is my favorite glass.  We use these daily.
Libbey "Gibraltar" Iced Tea Goblet

We have been using these beautiful goblets for several years, and every now and then someone breaks one.  I originally found these at Nell Hill's, then at Wal-Mart, then at Bed Bath and Beyond.  They are usually around $6 individually.  Here they are as a set, now at Target.

We also love these ginger cookies from Trader Joes.

Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Snaps ($4.99 - I think)

I ran by there, tonight, and they were sold out!  I personally think they would make nice teacher gifts.  

And I mentioned here, on my "Pinterest Win/Pinterest Fail" post, how much I like their facewash!  

The next time I go to NYC, I am going back to FishsEddy.  What a fun store!
I might order these from their website sometime soon.....

I cannot get through January without my new Mary Engelbreit calendar.  Just a habit, really.  It is where our family publicly writes our events so that no one has to ask me what is on the schedule.  Except they still ask me while standing directly in front of the calendar.  I swear they can usually read - just not when the calendar is nearby.

(My late mother-in-law used to buy one of these for me every Christmas.)

I wear these earrings too much.  I know people say that - I've not heard them - I just know.

Except one of my daughters keeps taking them to college.  And then losing one, and then asking for more.  They are on sale RIGHT NOW at Chico's for $8.40 - normally $14.00.

And last of all...

My junk silver.  
Here are four of my odd pieces.  Every piece that I collected cost me between $3 - $10 apiece.     I love junk stores.  I bought that pretty pitcher last year at a flea market for $10.  It has a very nice finish and I cannot believe she gave it away for $10.  I am also not concerned when the pieces are engraved...

I have no idea what "Terminus '75" was or is.  I just know this little revere bowl was $3 at one of our local donation stores.

That is my list!

I am joining The Nester and her "Favorite Things" party.  

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Anonymous said...

Clicking over from Nester's...I love your list!! Thanks for introducing me to some new things! :)

Bonnie said...

I am so with ya on the Gibraltar glasses and the junk silver!

Sheila Earhart said...

What an awesome post!! Thank you! I love to hear other people's faves!

Merry Merry,


Linda Stoll said...

LOVE anything Mary Englebreit!

Suzanne said...

Here from the Nester...
Don't you just feel fancy when you drink from a goblet? :-) Thanks for the suggestions.

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