Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gone for Good

My paintings become very familiar to our family.  Once they are complete, we look at most of them daily, depending on where I might prop them or hang them.  

All of these are leaving the house, today - headed to meet their new owners.

Those three are for three sisters who share a room.  I hope they love these bright bouquets.

This has long been one of my favorites.....

And who doesn't love a Santa?

This one has been outside our bedroom door in the hall for a while....

And the posies in hobnail glass looked quite nice on our guest bedroom mantle in this grouping.....

These next two are promised out - but have not been picked up, yet....

The cool thing about selling art - the new owners always want you.  They are eager to bring you into the house and meet your new home.  It is not like they will stick you in a sock drawer, or tuck you in a closet.  Plus, you will most likely get a spot in the house where you have a good view.  So reassuring for me, as I send them out into this great big world.

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

So sweet! Glad to see your art is selling!

I love all your work-- very pretty. You have inspired me to paint. Though I've not done it yet... I WANT TO!


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