Friday, November 9, 2012

Just a Bit Different

By the looks of my blog, Etsy site, Twitter, and Pinterest lately, you would think that I hate Thanksgiving and want to jump straight to Christmas.  Actually - I LOVE Thanksgiving!  However, for some crazy reason, I agreed to have our home on the local Christmas Tour - which is the weekend of November 30th and December 1st.  (If I am not already "certifiable" - I will be very soon!)  Therefore, due to my insanity - I HAVE to decorate early for Christmas, this year.  I also agreed to have my entire extended family over for Thanksgiving dinner (since the house will already be repaired, painted, and clean - wink, wink).  So - that means I begin decorating for the Christmas tour the day after Thanksgiving.  Yikes.  I love fall and I love Thanksgiving, but don't really have a choice this year.  Unless I want the tourists on the Christmas Tour to see my house dressed for Thanksgiving.  Nope.  Not what they are paying to see.  

So this year will be just a bit different.  Sort of like those packages up there.  Not your typical Christmas combination, but refreshing, isn't it?

And these burlap bags for the evergreens.....

I like those - but am thinking they are more appropriate for my back porch.   

I keep seeing the various music sheet ornaments on Pinterest, so I made these....

(and then took a really blurry photo with poor lighting against my wall)  I'll share more of them, soon.

Now, for a weekend full of cleaning, organizing, and planning!

Enjoy your day!

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Amy O'Quinn said...

Yay! We are doing the tour again this year, so I'm excited that I will get to see your house. I know it will be lovely all decked out in Christmas finery! Looking forward to it!

SouthMainMuse said...

Okay -- Who are you and what have you done to my fine up-standing, scattered-mess-like-me neighbor Trish Jones? Okay, you were never a mess like me but the Tour? Your house does look awesome. Am so proud of you I love you music stars. How cool would they be on top of a piano. Carry on . . .

Betty said...

We were at the game Friday night to see our 'Senior Boy' play ball! He's grown up too quickly!

We have our tickets for the 'tour' and look forward to seeing your home all 'Christmatized'...I don't think that's a word.


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