Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas Shopping and Spam

Well, election day is over and Thanksgiving is around the corner, followed VERY QUICKLY by Christmas!   How did this happen?  Christmas used to take SO LONG to arrive - way back when I was a kid!  Surely I am not aging.  I am hoping to attempt a magnolia wreath this year, btw- that is why I posted that gorgeous photo, above.  Inspiration.  

Two of my readers mentioned to me, yesterday, that there is an advertisement chasing their cursor around on my blog.  Does that happen to you?  When I pull up my blog, I only have the ads at the top and side of my posts - no cursor chasing ads.  What about you?  I absolutely HATE the obnoxious ads that chase your mouse/cursor.  Please let me know.  I need to get rid of it.  I do not like those.  I contacted the ad agency and they say it is not theirs.  I need to figure out what this annoying thing is.    

Now, on to a more pleasant topic - like Christmas shopping. If you happen to be looking for unique and one-of-a-kind art for your friends and family this Christmas, here are some suggestions.  (beware: shameless plug for my art to fill the rest of this post!)

Square, 6"x6" Christmas paintings -  $30 each 

 Framed print of White Bouquet.  $20 

 Framed Peppermint print $20

 Framed original acrylic painting  Field of Flowers $40

 Flock of Birds  $65 (12"X12")

This is the Day original painting (12"x24")

Original Santa Faces $45 each (12"x12" or 14"x14")

Just send me an email if you want me to ship any of these to you!  Shipping is $7.00.  

Have a great day!  

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Mindy said...

Nothing's chasing my cursor.

Great paintings, as always!

Jen said...

No ad on my cursor either

Andrea Martone said...
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Andrea Martone said...

Yes I have this ad. Hope you can remove as it is annoying.
Tonight ad is from Wells Fargo.

Lisa said...

I do not see an ad chasing my cursor. I only see ads on the top and side. I can read and view your blog just perfect.

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