Friday, October 19, 2012

Slide Show after the Vacation

I mentioned our trip to Cumberland Island, yesterday.  We were only at the beach a few days.  I have decided that for our 21st anniversary we will need to stay somewhere for a week.  We swung through downtown Savannah on our way to the beach to hit a couple of my favorite stores.  We saw this Army Ranger and his Army Ranger groomsmen getting married in one of Savannah's beautiful squares. 

Savannah is a beautiful town.

We also saw this sign somewhere in Wisconsin, er, uh, Kansas, uh, I mean California  or Alabama - rural Georgia.  

Only in Georgia. 

In case you are wondering, we chose to "bear" right, rather than "baring" anything.

I found time to sit on the beach and read.  I read one of my son's required reading books while sitting on the beach one beautiful afternoon.  

Good book and a quick read.   I think I am going to take him to see the latest Atlas Shrugged.  Has anyone seen it?  Is it okay for a 13 year old?

As we were leaving Cumberland Island on the ferry, we noticed extra Marine Corps boats, and two large gun ships in the river.  (or, at least some people told me they were gunships - I can't tell a gun ship from a raft.)

We hurried back to Amelia Island and parked on the north end of the island, in hopes of seeing either a U.S. submarine leaving for sea, or one coming in from duty.  Just before it got dark, we saw the trident submarine leave through the St. Mary's river opening between Florida and Georgia...

The submarine is the flat thing in the middle, between the two large ships.  

How cool is that?  The best place to view the submarines as they leave or return is from Fort Clinch State Park, on the north end of Amelia Island.  The State Park attendant would not let us into the State Park because they close at dark and it was almost night when we got there.  So we watched from the northern end of the closest public beach.

While at the beach, I did not have much time to shop (since I did not get to spend a full week on vacation - whine, whine), but did manage to run in one of my favorite stores.  

And we went to church on Sunday.

This is the only photo of the church that I could find on the web.  This is our favorite church to visit while on Amelia Island.  I meant to go back by and take photos of the new building they have almost completed, but I forgot.  

We are not Anglican, we are Baptists who attend a Methodist church (huh?), but we really enjoy visiting this particular Anglican church.  The people are friendly and the Rector's sermon is both biblical and interesting.  And, you know how I like a white, wooden church.  Maybe that drivel about the people and sermon are just cover for me to get to attend a cute white church?  

The architecture of the church is PROOF that a new church can be built simply and be beautiful.  Believe it or not, all new churches do not have to be constructed in metal buildings with no windows!  What a shocker!  No offense - I know metal buildings with no windows and loud music and fluorescent lights are cheaper than pretty buildings.  I will get off my soap box, now that I am down to two readers.  

So, that was our quick anniversary beach trip.  Sort of like a boring slide show, but with words.

Have a great day!

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