Monday, September 10, 2012

Too Much to Bear Alone

Sometimes I worry I have too much going on.  For good reason.

And I mean this from many directions.  

Superficially - I worried yesterday that too much is going on in my family room.

Then I opened up House of Fifty this morning and saw this beautiful picture -

Home of Mayme Baker via House of Fifty

I love that room!

On another level - I know I have too much going on in my life.  And I try to handle it ALL by myself.  

Which does not work.

I have noticed that God helps - when I take the time to ask Him to help.

My family helps - when I take the time to ask them to help.

I kept glancing through House of Fifty and ran across this article ....

"Serene" does not describe me.  So, I kept reading.  This part of the article caught my eye.

Okay - that sub-title implies (1) I am obviously not smart and (2) I need to ask for help every now and then.  Now how hard was that to figure out?  Why do I always try to do everything myself?  Well, I have several reasons - most of which involve money and time.  

The simplest thing I can do is ask God for help.  That is actually the only way to ease our burdens.

Here is a printable I created for you, this morning....


Click, print, post, and memorize!

Have a great day!

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Rebecca said...

ooooooooooh! I really like that room. (I have a lot going on, too.) It's good to periodically take stock of one's life and time and make the necessary adjustments. What a great reminder--to ask for help...

Lisa said...

Great Post!

TSL said...

The God of my help and my hope xo
where would I be without my constant companion? Lost.

Krissy said...

Great post and GREAT printable! Thanks so much.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I like the printable...
I also opened up HoF ...and oh my sweet goodness... I love that room too!


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