Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sarah's House and My DVR

I was thrilled to see that I had three NEW episodes of Sarah's House to watch on Sunday.
I was not so elated to realize that it was actually a marathon and I set my DVR to only record a maximum of 3 episodes.  Drat!

I was able to watch her transform the hall, powder room, family room, and kitchen.  With her paltry $100,000 budget ABOVE the builder's amount.  (what I could do with an extra $100k - but we won't get into that).  I truly enjoy her style, though.  I also like how the show goes from start to finish in 30 minutes - with the full transformation complete by the end of the show.  They manage to share problems they run into along the way and how they dealt with them.  My favorite of the three episodes I managed to record was the powder room.

Love the bird wallpaper and the antique wooden shelf....

Love the mirror and the lighting fixtures ....


She has so much happening in that space that you don't even notice there is no crown molding.  

I haven't watched any of the other episodes, but they are available here.

Enjoy your day!

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Katy said...

I love Sarah, everything she does is gold. I wish I had 100k as well. :) I wish I had cable too -- is there any way to see her episodes online?? What kind of house is she working on now? The last one I saw was the farmhouse I think...

SouthMainMuse said...

That bird paper is so lovely. I don't know when we'll ever have wallpaper again. I'm just trying to get our bedroom walls another color.

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