Monday, September 24, 2012

My Fall Mantle

Someone mentioned to me the other day that I am fortunate that I can paint my own art and just hang it around my house.  I never thought about it that way! ** I MUST get better about counting my blessings.**  

Anyway - here is my fall mantle.....

I did not paint my daughter's portrait - just the simple pumpkin.

So, that is how I decorate - I just plopped one of my pumpkin paintings up there on the mantle.  I don't mean to seam lame, but I am fairly simple with my decor.  I like the clean look - in this room, anyway (don't look in any of my other rooms!)  I also like dried hydrangeas.  They say "fall" to me.

My perfect husband recently removed all of the old ugly bathroom tile from around the fireplace.   It looks so much better!  I will share more on that project, later this week.  But for now, here is a before and after.....

I am so-so-so-so-so SO glad to have that old tile GONE.  Bathroom tile in the living room?  Really?  What were they thinking?  Fewer choices back in the 1970's, I guess.  

Happy Fall! 

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Kathie said...

Love the little pumpkin and the dried hydrangeas. Your fireplace looks so much better without the tile.

Rebecca said...

I love simple. Your pumpkin painting is simply perfect. (And what an improvement changing the "surround" made.)

Isabel said...

A beautiful pumpkin:O) I need to dig out my Fall decor.

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