Thursday, August 30, 2012

Orange and Painting of the Day #18

A punch of orange in a neutral room is always fun.

What do you call a deep orange or reddish-orange color, anyway?

Orange you glad I shared these photos?

But now, really - could you truly "go wrong" in a room with windows that awesome?!

These rooms are both designed by Tobi Fairley.

And this is designed by me.....

Day 18 of painting!!

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Things That Inspire said...

Great idea for a post series - anything that relates to art is great in my book!

I have always enjoyed the look of orange and blue together. 12 years ago, I painted my dining room an orangey red (definitely more orange than red - and had lighter orange silk curtains in the room. I put flow blue plates and platters on the wall. After a few years, I felt it was oppressive and did not 'go' with the light and airy look that I desired, so I painted the dining room F&B clunch, but kept those beautiful orange silk curtains - and it worked so well. The orange was a nice 'punch' of orange, which I carried through to the living room with pillows in the same silk (the rug in that room already had a bit of orange).

Tartan Scot had a nice post yesterday with a crisp punch of orange!

- Holly

Debby said...

I love your "orange" painting. I could do an accent of orange but not much else. I lived through the orande and avocado green phase......and the orange did me in. I know it is the hot color of the year but not for me. I can do the teal/blue bathroom is in that color. Not by choice but it is coming back into style, hah.

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