Monday, August 27, 2012


Did I mention that our 9 month old lab puppy has a plastic cone on her head?

When I say "puppy,"  I do not mean this cute little hold-in-your-arms type of puppy I shared with you a few months, ago.

Nope.  I am actually referring to a 62 pound, all-muscle, hyper-active machine.

Nellie couldn't contain her excitement about our walk last Friday night, and put both paws through the small window next to our front door.  She cut herself quite a bit.
So, I had to spend $530 at the emergency vet on Friday night for lots of stitches and a plastic cone that keeps her from removing her stitches.

Just what I wanted to do with $530.00.  

But the loss of cash has caused quite a bit of entertainment at our house.

We giggle as we watch Nellie drink water with her Easter bonnet on....

And chuckle when we spy her asleep on the back porch in her cone....

And I love to spot her looking at me through the kitchen window with her halo framing her angelic face.

Don't be fooled - she is actually on Cone #2.  
And headed to Cone #3, I am afraid.   She is as hard on her cone as she was the front window.

We are thinking we should have put the $530 towards dog training, instead.  Too late!

joining Frugal Friday, even though my dog is NOT frugal!

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Debby said...

Ahhhhh that had to hurt.....the puppy and the checkbook (Debut card, hah). I bet it also was a mess. Hope he heals fast.
My old dog had a cone after some major surgery......very granddaughters decorated it with stickers.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

poor thing.
She does look funny though.
I wonder how well she receives a signal in that thing. Dog already have great hearing, I bet her's is hyper sensitive with that on now.

Mary said...

Our golden had to wear one when she had her tail removed due to cancer. It is comical to watch...our Molly was not good at judging distance and would run into things, including me! lol. But they do seem to adjust tout fairly quickly.

Sending prayers for a quick recovery.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

LOL Oh bless her sweet heart! She is adorable! Hope she heals up quickly!

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