Friday, August 24, 2012

A Lake House and a Painting

My husband picked up my latest issue of Country Living this week and saw this cute little lake cabin.  I then became concerned that he might put our own house on the market THAT DAY. 

Oh, to have a place at the lake!

That looks like this....

For some great before/after photos, visit Country Living.

And here is painting #13......

Have a wonderful day!

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Rebecca said...

A lake house is MY dream, too! This one IS beautiful....

Katy said...

oh wow, I love that house. love love love
lovely painting too :)

We live on Lake Murray, you should visit! In case you want to scout for lake houses. ;)

Jack Cruz said...

Love to have a lake house too. That lake house is nice but if you will change its wall paint or whatever it is then it will look more beautiful.

Arizona Painting Company

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I must get me some wheels under my sink!
Holy Cow...I love that kitchen set up.
As to the painting... love that verse. I like that painting a lot. So far; it may be my favorite.
Also...this 30 day challenge to paint is filling up your Etsy Shop too!

have a nice day Trish!

Debby said...

We had a tiny cottage at a lake and had to sell. It was the cottage or trips out west to visit the grand babies. I miss that little cottage.
I love this painting.

thistlewoodfarm said...

I want all the furniture inside, too! Did you see that table? Absolutely amazing!


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