Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Increasing the Table Size

I am currently in the process of slipcovering chairs for my living room.  
Wish me luck.
I can really procrastinate.

The chairs I am covering are "twins" and will sit across from my Duncan Phyfe sofa, forming a conversation area.

This room inspired me to go with a table larger than I had planned......

Love that table.

Here is another angle of the same room.

This room was designed by Marika Meyer for the D.C. Design House 2012. 

Photo credit:  Angie Seckinger Photography via The Painted Room

I have procrastinated long enough, back to the sewing!

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I am currently in dire straits over a wall shelf roughly the same is the one pictured in this room!
I love this built in shelf! So neat and orderly. Calmly Serene.
I won't be having a table and chairs in front of it like this instead it is my old iron bed ...in my very small bedroom. You can see it here...


and perhaps tell me what you think!
This built in gives me shelf envy!
(just being honest)
thanks for sharing it with us! Pat

SouthMainMuse said...

When are you going to do MY house?

Can't wait to see the finished result of what is obviously Rob's new man cave.

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