Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Going Green Gradually

I am wary of "natural" household products- other than  Mrs. Meyers.

Can they really do the trick? 

(This aversion to "natural" cleaners and products is my mom's fault.  She tried to get me to use a rock for deodorant when I was in high school - bad memory.  She also insists to this day that Skin-So-Soft will keep misquitos away - which is not true for me.  The pests swarming my body require that DEET be present, or I am their lunch.)

Well, yesterday I could not find my Soft Scrub.  My very favorite tub cleaner.

I glanced at my tub after I finished my shower and one of the Pinterest pins from my Solutions board came to mind....

I grabbed the baking soda out of my freezer and poured it in the tub and scrubbed.

The tub cleaned so easily!  I didn't use any of the other ingredients, just baking soda, a scrub brush, and the water in the tub left over from my shower.

Wow - and to think of all the money I have spent on Soft Scrub. 

I need to warn the family that I may be "going green."

But no rocks for deodorant.

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Rebecca said...

Don't you think some of baking soda's "secret" is that it is non-abrasive but has a little bit of the texture of products like Bar Keepers Friend????

I just read someone recently who suggested that Arm & Hammer ought to make bigger boxes of Baking Soda available...

Isabel said...

lol on the rocks!! I use baking soda for the tub and toilets and tile along with vinegar, works great!!!

SouthMainMuse said...

Why does the "rock for deodorant" sound familiar? It must have been some flinty, chalky rock that absorbed wetness. Rob should be so very proud of you with your baking soda ingenuity. Reminds me -- my teeth are getting a little dull. I need to polish them up.

SouthMainMuse said...


Here's a rock you might try.

Stevie from GardenTherapy.ca said...

good for you! It's so great to hear about people switching from chemicals to natural.

So Many Little Things said...

I laughed out loud about the rock. I've always been afraid to try skin so soft for mosqitos because we've used it to get road oil off our cars (its great for that)!

I've used baking soda for so many different things I'm wondering what it can't do! We started using it to wash with after being near poison ivy. Then we noticed the tub was clean too!

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