Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Art I Like - Landscapes

One of my many Pinterest Boards is entitled "Art I Like."  I glanced at it this morning and was surprised to find almost 100 pins.  I did not realize I had pinned so many photos of beautiful art. 

I noticed that I primarily pinned landscapes, bouquets, and other still life.
Here are a few samples of some wonderful landscape paintings I ran across the past few months....

Here is another example of landscape paintings in a kitchen......

Love that look - the clean look of the white and the dishes, paired with the antique oil paintings.


Landscape oil paintings hung together in gold frames are certainly eye-catching.


Etsy and Ebay are great sources for great landscape paintings.

Harry Stooshinoff

This painting in the bathroom is so perfect.
I hate that I cannot find the artist's name.

Large landscapes are striking.

Lots of paint-by-number art is landscape art....

Sort of makes you want to hit the flea markets and antique stores, doesn't it?

For more great art, look at my Pinterest site here.

Enjoy your day!  May it be filled with beautiful things!

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Isabel said...

As always you post so many inspiring photos, the ones that get you motivated:O) Love all those landscape paintings:O) have a great day:O)

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