Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Too Pretty To Use

Not sure if I could keep the water stains and scuff marks off this beautiful burled wood!

And this pretty wood could be easily ruined by my family, as well....

Love this chandelier in the breakfast nook....

Surely we could keep that gorgeous piece intact!  

However, I can just invision this beautiful garden being trampled by my new lab puppy....
Traditional Home

Does Nellie look like she would enjoy digging in that garden?

It is difficult to catch a shot of her still - she has a tail that is wagging frantically in that photo.

This closet is so similar to mine.   Except for how white and neat and clean and large and wallpapered and pretty it is.  But other than that.

Coastal Living

Love this bedroom....

Tobie Fairley


House Beautiful

The kids would have to be restricted from that beautiful living room.  Until they are in their 30's.

And, did I mention Nellie?

The hyper pup who would have this pool full of grass and mud in no time!

Cococozy and At Home Arkansas

Enjoy your day!

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