Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Favorite Store

I have a few stores that I consider my favorites.  Most of them are not nearby.  (The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, you know.) 

Anytime I visit my sister in Kansas City, I HAVE to visit Nell Hill's.  Preferably the one in Atchison.  But visiting both stores in one week has been done, before.

While we were in New York for three short days - I managed to find one store that I absolutely loved. 

It is a block from the Union Square Metro Station.  North of the square, I think.

It was nothing but kitchen stuff, with loads of character.

I took alot of pictures, but have managed to "lose" all of my NYC photos!  I cannot find them on my computer!  I am hoping they filed themselves in a special spot where I will find them, later.  I am sure it is my computer's fault.

I found some other photos of the store, online and have credited the photographers, beneath the photos.

They have loads of vintage dishes and great prices....

katy elliott

katy elliott

I really wanted to get this plate, but for some reason, I restrained myself....

Can you read it?

It says:
Please stop eating.  We're worried about you.
For the love of god stop eating.
Do you really need that second helping?
It's hard to be around you when you eat like that.

It is from their Intervention-ware series of dishes.

So fun. 

I am really hoping those photographs from NYC pop up, soon.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Isabel said...

Lol Love that plate!!!! What an awesome store!!!

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