Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer Projects - To Do List

I have this "thing" about needing to create something.  Anything.  I express that need with little projects around my house.  Or by creating a little art.  (If only I had a "thing" about needing to 'clean' something..hmmm....)

I found a few ideas for projects to complete this summer.  

I am going with SIMPLE. 

"Simple" might insure that the project actually gets finished!

I saw this cool topiary idea at Thistlewood Farms....

KariAnne gives a great step-by-step tutorial here .

And I have been looking for a way to store some of my paints. 

A PRETTY way to store my paints....

I found this idea at Brickhouse Craft Shop

And here is another idea that might be fairly simple....

via Pinterest and Inspriation for Decoration

And this idea will only involve a quick trip to Wal-Mart (where they have the jars) and then to my favorite garden store.....

via The Yellow Cape Cod

Yes, that counts as 'creating.'   Just stick a plant in a jar.

And then I will probably paint and stencil a ceiling or two...


Yeah, RIGHT!  Just kidding you!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Red Door Home said...

I have to be busy making something all the time too! It always seems like I have at least 2 projects I am working on and another few waiting. Love the topiiary idea!

So Many Little Things said...

Ha! I did a double take when you put that photo of the ceiling stencil in your simple ideas! I'm working on using pieces I already have in new ways or just getting them up on the wall, etc. It should be simple so I know I'm overthinking it. Poor me I just have so many lovely things I don't know what to put where :)! Putting some plants in those jars gives me an idea...

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