Monday, April 9, 2012

A New Skirt

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! 

We have had BEAUTIFUL weather this Spring - and Sunday was perfect!

Our oldest came home from college for the weekend.

In between cleaning and cooking and washing many loads of college laundry, I found time to sew a cute skirt for one of my daughters.

It took about an hour and a half TOTAL to sew and adjust four times until she liked the fit.

Just a little 'trial and error.'  I didn't use an actual pattern, just instructions from a couple of blogs.

Here she is posing for me....

I chose to take the photos at dusk in a dimly lit room with an iphone.  Just thought I would share that in case you mistakenly thought these were professional photos...

(Maggie has to hop in the photos, too - she is the blur in the picture.)

My daughter picked the fabrics.  We used Amy Butler fabrics - Dancing Paisley/Lemon and Laurel Dots/Cherry.

Pretty cute, huh?

Have a nice day!


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Mommy Mouse: said...

Love the skirt and the daughter! xxxx

Mommy Mouse: said...

(I do love both of the daughters)

Katy said...

ok love the skirt and the kid, that an old iron bed I see? I need pictures of that too.

Isabel said...

Beautiful family:O) LOVE the skirt love those colors, Amy Butler has great fabrics:O)

kMs said...


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