Friday, March 16, 2012

Too Busy to Clean

Or blog.

or paint

But I found some pretty room photos to encourage a little Spring cleaning around here!

First - here is my excuse list :
1. the kids are home this entire week for Spring Break
2. It has been too pretty outside to stay inside on the computer
3. I have been trying to get life back to normal now that I live with The Monster.....

(aka "Nellie")

She is cute, but she is trouble.  She is now 20 weeks old.

Back to the clean, serene images that will lower my blood pressure and encourage my cleaning efforts....


Enjoy your weekend!

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Deserae said...

Beautiful inspirations pics!!! I especially love the first one :o)Hmmm...I haven't even thought about spring cleaning! I struggle just to keep up on basic cleaning! LOL...Cute puppy too! Have a great weekend!!!

Isabel said...

oooooo Love all those pictures and of the beautiful puppy:O) I so understand it has been to pretty outside for me to paint and I have a show next week! Have a great weekend:O)

the designers muse said...

very pretty. I'd rather look at pretty pictures than clean any day!

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