Friday, February 3, 2012

Puppies, Art, Skunks, and a Houzz App

I have been super- busy this week.  I have been.....

1. Enjoying a new puppy who likes to chew and is not housebroken,
2. Preparing for an art show this coming weekend,
3. Trying to find a nuisance wildlife trapper to get rid of the skunk from beneath our home.  I sincerely hope our 'skunk' is singular.

It has been that kind of week.  

Fun, but frantic. 

The good news....

1. The puppy is precious.
2. I have painted several new pieces of art that I really like.
3. The skunk has not sprayed underneath our house since Tuesday at 3:30 am.
4. My family is healthy.
5. I found a new app for my iphone - Houzz (now I can look at Houzz AND Pinterest while I wait on the little pup to do her business in the backyard!)

Found this on the Houzz site...

And here are a few more iphone shots of my creations from this week...

and Precious.....

Enjoy your day!

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Low Tide High Style said...

Love your new paintings, sorry about the skunk, and man is that puppy cute or what?!

Kat :)

Suzanna said...

The puppy is precious! :) I like the new art! The vases look like milk glass.

Isabel said...

Love Love the new paintings!!! love the colors and just everything about them awesome:O) he is such a cutie his color is gorgeous:O) I dont miss those potty training the dog businessugh, although he still sometimes might have an accident if its raining:O) Have a great day!!! said...

Hi there
I just discovered your blog and now I am going to have to purchase one of your paintings!!! Love them all. I am also going to Joanns today to get scrapbook paper and do my kitchen cabinets. Great job. Love your new puppy.
We just got a new puppy one week ago and boy is she cute but NOT house trained. Whew, alot of going in and out and cleaning up messes:)
happy day

thistlewoodfarm said...

He's so cute! I really like your art! Thanks for all the inspiration! I am your newest linky follower!


FAshiOnistA ErA said...

your paintings are so very gorgeous!! love it totally! following u on GFC..i love what you cover..follow back :)) have a nice drop by my blog. would love to hear from you!

xoxo hanz

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