Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goals for My Home 2012

Goal number 1:
Lose 30 pounds
of junk around this house that I don't use, need, or remember that I have.  Lots of kids' clothes, toys, books, plastic lids, bobby pins, clothes hangers, etc.  I don't want to wind up on an episode of Hoarders.

This goal is multi-fold and involves getting organized.  Surely the organization part will fall into place naturally once I haul off 30 pounds of useless items.  Right?
Then my closets will look like this.....



or this....

Goal number 2:
Build a brick walkway in my front yard. 

or maybe more like this.....

(not my house, btw)

Currenty we have a walkway to the street, but need an additional walkway to the driveway. 

I am concerned about the note on the side of this article from  This Old House.  It states "Difficulty: Moderate.  Requires stamina for digging and pounding, as well as an attention to detail."   Uh-oh - I am not so sure about the "attention to detail" part. I guess that is why God gave me my husband.

Goal Number 3: 
Install a working light on a pole in the yard - near the driveway and new sidewalk mentioned above.  To keep visitors from twisting an ankle and suing us.  And to help us see when we are out in the driveway.  I would prefer a vintage light (my home is 160 years old, remember - there were no lights back then, but something vintage would be most appropriate.)  My neighbor has a light similar to this one....

Olde Good Things

I would really like to copy my neighbors.  They have very nice taste.  I would also like to install the lamp post without having to go through the local Historical Architectural Control Committee.

Goal Number 4:
Paint the exterior of our home.
I don't really want to paint. 
I just want someone to paint for me. 
This is more of a "goal for my husband."
(I included this goal for any local readers who might be worried that we will not paint our house this year.)

Goal Number 5:
Tear down the middle wall in my kitchen and install an island.
Preferably an island like this....

or this....
Nine and Sixteen

or this....
Coastal Living

or this....


or this....

A Sort of Fairytale

Here is the elephant in the room that I want removed...... 

And here is the wall from the other direction.  See how it is just "in the way?"

Caught my dog blinking.
The wall really is an unnecessary feature.  I honestly think the kids and I can take it out.  We just need my husband to go out of town for a few days.  And I need to check and make sure the tub upstairs is not using that wall for support.   Plus the whole 'electricity' thing.  I know there is electricity in that wall and don't want to get shocked while removing the elephant.

Goal Number 6:
Install a new lamp shade or fixture in my kitchen - over my table.
See the light in the two photos above?
I would prefer one like this....

Canadian House and Home

I am thinking about using the existing fixture and MAKING a new shade that will encircle the six chandelier bulbs.  Like with two clothes hangers.  Or maybe with two circular hoops that I just happen to find next time I am in Wal-Mart.  Hmmmm.  Still thinking about an inexpensive way to update this fixture.

Goal Number 7:
Revamp my craft/art room. 
This room is also the laundry room.  I have stalled on this room because it has a drop ceiling from the 1970's and I want the ceiling removed.  The ceiling above the drop ceiling is about 3 feet higher than the drop ceiling and the walls and ceiling above the drop ceiling are plaster and need to be repaired - or possibly "sheetrocked over."  I really hate the drop ceiling, but may just paint the existing room instead of removing the ceiling and re-sheetrocking the area.  ugh.

Here are my inspiration photos.... 


Not sure of a color scheme, just yet.

Goal Number 8:
Move my overgrown boxwoods from in front of my house. 

I just read where that should occur in October or November.  My husband is probably breathing a sigh of relief, thinking I will forget this goal by autumn.

Goal Number 9: 
Paint my bathroom. 
I already have the paint.  But I also have walls that are chipping and need to be repaired before the painting happens.  It is the prep part that I detest.  Once I paint, I will also sew a new window treatment.  That toile has been in my bathroom for a decade.  Here is my bathroom, currently......

I sampled a few colors on the wall to the right - just ignore that area.

And here is the new color:

Nantucket Breeze by Benjamin Moore.  I think.  I might change my mind once it is on the wall.

I am through with goals at Nine.  Nine small goals.  Surely that is do-able.

Here is the run down from 2011:

My home goals were listed here.

I accomplished two of the five of them!  I painted my main hallway here and sewed drapes for my living room hereI also completed several other projects that I did not have on my 2011 Goals last January!  The other three items that I did not manage to complete just rolled-over to the 2012 list.  They are now items 4,5, and 7 on this list.  Always thankful for another year!

Joining The Nester and her Home Goals 2012 party.

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Katy said...

don't rip out a load bearing wall ! The way to check that is to figure out which way your ceiling joists run. If the halfwall is running parallel to the joists than it might be safe to rip it out.

ok I'm sorry, I forgot I'm talking to another engineer. lol -- tear that sucker out !! ;)

TSL said...

Great goals, and all pretty attainable! My favorite pic is the one of your house for I know full well its setting in its perfectly wonderful quaint town, and it makes my heart soar!

Betty said...

Many years ago I wanted a wall taken out...my husband said it couldn't be done. Our neighbor, a contractor, was over one day and I asked his opinion. He said yes,just install a truss beam in the attic. My husband invited me to the attic to help with the truss beam, the wall was removed and 35 years later the house is still standing!


Leslie said...

Good riddens wall!! Can't wait to see what all you do this year!

Cassandra said...

I came over from the Nester, and stole about half your pictures. Thank you! Your house is lovely, with lots of potential too. Best wishes in the new year.

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Did you realize that you two ... not one ... but two inspiration pics that have little kids with their bare feet on eating surfaces?

Those are some big goals ... but perhaps you can complete one by Jan 31 (I'm thinking the painting of the bathroom) so that you could join in on our “Imagine the Impossibilities” challenge? I launched it this week with 5 other blog friends … it starts now and culminates in a multi-blog Jan 31 link party. You can read more about it here …


Hope you can play along!


Isabel said...

Wow Im tired and inspired by your Goals!:O) And Im pretty sure you will accomplish all of them!!!Love all the pictures and all those colors!!!:O) Thanks for always inspiring!!!:O)

Hopewell said...

What great dreams! Lovely photo!

Dina said...

Your house is adorable.

We have similar kitchens. Green walls with black and white tile. I can't wait to see what it looks like with the wall down. Good luck!

Sjn said...

all great goals, good luck staying focused. Maybe I should start my list too...

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