Friday, December 23, 2011

What I Have Been Doing

So very busy -
But, I LOVE Christmas! I enjoy the hub-bub. (Most of the time.)

I have been fortunate and LOTS of my art is selling in a local store!
Here is a group in progress.....

and a few more.....

And on the 'crafty' side - I used the Martha Stewart nametags this year....

Aren't they cute?  Link here.  (Thanks to HollyMathisInteriors for the idea.)
So glad we are not one of those families where everyone has the same first initial!!

My twin/clone has been busy working on projects, too....

Here she is making snow globes in the mess that is our kitchen.....

I also found time to bathe the dog and give her bells on her Christmas scarf!

You can tell by her expression that she is hog-wild over the bells.  Ha!
Somehow I can paint and sew and bake and fluff, but cannot find the time to ask my son to take his trombone and backpack to his room!! (as you can see in the background.)  hmmmm.

Such a fun season!

Merry Christmas!

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Gayle said...

These are so darn stinkin cute!!

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