Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This, That, and The Other

Not much clear, linear thinking in this post.  Just a glimpse into my scattered mind.

Here are some items I wanted to pass on to you.....

(1)  Shannon Berrey Design featured this beautiful kitchen, recently.    I pretty much am just re-posting it -tsk, tsk, tsk - showing my lack of originality, I know...

Isn't it beautiful?  Do you see why I wanted to re-share the photos of this kitchen?

It is actually Joan's kitchen from For the Love of a House.
I love her choices and the "mixture" in this room.  Soapstone, wood, marble, various rugs, wooden chandelier, etc.  Everything is perfect.  Go to Shannon's blog or Joan's blog to view the complete room.

(2) The new House of Fifty is available here....

It is free and full of beautiful photos.

(3) Two members of my family were mentioned in my neighbor's cute blog this week...

(4)  And... my husband had his car towed this morning and our 'spare' car is also being repaired, so he took my car to work. 
But, since I am car-less, today, I have time to paint!


I shared this painting with you a couple of weeks ago....

I have been walking past it in my home and have been 'annoyed' with the birds.  They just weren't big enough.

So, I "fixed" them....

This painting now has bigger birds. 

I can currently walk past this painting and smile. 

That is, until I decide it needs bigger apples.

Enjoy your day!

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Jenni Horne said...

Sweet painting!! Keep it up!

Jenni Horne said...
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SouthMainMuse said...

Thanks for the mention in the post. And I like your "fixed" birds. I need you to come over and "fix me" some mornings.

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