Friday, November 4, 2011

Decorating with Peppermint

I can't quite figure out my "style" with my art.  I love this peppermint painting I created, yesterday.  But that painting is a far cry from my scripture art, and my watercolor birds, and my florals.


After I painted those peppermints, yesterday, I saw a road block plastic thing on my way to get my daughter from practice and thought - "I should paint that!"  It looked like this...

 I may be losing my mind.

I welcome any comments about my art.  Maybe you could help me better focus my direction,
but for now, this post is headed towards "peppermints and Christmas."

These items caught my eye...

And I have decided that I want a red and white rug that I can bring out JUST for December!

Pottery Barn

Have a great weekend!

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Isabel said...

Love the peppermints!!! They look sooo real:O) Love the colors and totally understand about direction in art, Im all over the place but Im inspired by everyday life:O) Love alll the red! The pillows, you find the most amazing pics!:O)

Dawn said...

I adore the peppermint painting - are you putting it in your Etsy?

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