The Perfect Church

We toured Middle Georgia this weekend.  Not really on purpose, just travelling to an away football game on Friday night and then a cheerleading competition on Saturday. 

I always enjoy rural drives.

We happened across this Greek Revival church in Hancock County on Saturday.

It sits off the road, and faces the wrong direction for present-day traffic.

Isn't that beautiful?

This church sits in the middle of nowhere - so far from any other structures that it is difficult to imagine this area having a community large enough to build a church.

This beautiful building was built around 1814.

All churches of that era had two front doors - one for women and one for men.

The doors were locked, but we could peek in the windows.

It is even perfect on the inside.

Do you see the width of those planks in the wooden floor?  I am guessing 12" wide.

Why don't they build churches like this, anymore?  This is so much prettier than a dark, theater-like building with accoustic tile ceilings and mauve carpet.

There is a bird's nest on the front globe light.
The beadboard ceiling and lighting are obviously not original to the structure.

These interior photos were taken through the glass windows.

Here is a photo looking up along the back of the building. 

 I tried three times to rotate this photo to no avail.
Peeling paint can be so beautiful (when it is not on MY house!)

When I retire - I will just travel the backroads and take pictures of old buildings with a really fancy camera.  But for now, I will just beg my husband to stop on the way home from sporting events and take photos with my iphone.  And I will enjoy my kids.

We also stopped for barbeque at Holcomb's in White Plains.

And were greeted by this gun.

(part of a raffle)

And a wood chip floor.

My daughter lamented the fact that she does not own a hamster - noting that if she DID own a hamster, she could bring him to dine with her while eating barbeque.

What a nice day.

Did you notice the bottom sign?

I love America!


What a beautiful old church! When I was younger I often dreamed of buying an old church like that and fixing it up to live in. This lovely building would have been perfect for my dream!
Tina xo
I noticed the bottom sign...I just attended my first Tractor Pull this weekend! LOL... it was fun, if you like that sort of thing. I didn't get to see the whole thing start to finish. But over all, I enjoyed it.

As for the Church. Don't you just love it? I could imagine sitting there fanning myself and listening to a and brimstone, type of preaching...singing songs where everybody knows their part and sings the good ol'time hymns...about the blood and redemption!

Thanks for showing these lovely pictures.
Jamie Miles said…
Rob, what a good guy to pull over. Loved the line about "loving old peeling paint when it's not on my house." Major ditto.
Rebecca said…
Thanks for sharing the pictures -- absolutely lovely. I love old buildings, too.

As for the barbeque joint and the tractor pull sign, all I have to say is...You gotta love the South!!! :)

ps...My Mom is a southern girl and my Dad is German so I consider myself 1/2 Southern and 1/2 German -- about as Southern as a Northern girl can get!
Oh what fun! I love driving around country roads. Plus you had BBQ. Thanks for sharing this with us!
Deborah March said…
Such a lovely old church...I wonder if it's still being used...I sure hope so...
Samantha said…
Ha ha @ mauve carpet. We have mauve carpet in our church in Wales.....shows it must be an international mauve carpet fashion lol :) x