Saturday, October 22, 2011

Easy Dog Bed Tutorial

When it gets chilly in the evenings, our 10 year old lab begs to come inside.

Her name is Maggie.

She loves it inside.  She is pretty sure she is human.

I typically make her a bed or two during the winter months - specifically for our den.

I made this one, today. 

It is not perfect, but it will do.

(couldn't rotate that photo - sorry)

While I am on the topic of a not-so-perfect dog bed and a photo that won't rotate - let me address perfectionism.   Life is a lot easier when you are not a perfectionist.  I cannot imagine needing everything perfect.  Nothing would get done.  (I wouldn't be surprised if one day "perfectionism" is determined to be a debilitating mental illness.  Seriously!  Have you ever watched a perfectionist hem and haw about how such and such is not possible?  It is so sad.  I am thankful perfectionism is not a personality trait in my little brain!)

So, for every other non-perfectionist out there - here is my simple Dog Bed Tutorial.

Dog Bed Tutorial
Two leftover Drop Cloth scraps approximately 3'x4' (she is a big dog!) (exterior of bed)
1'x1' square of cute fabric with iron on adhesive on the back (monogram)
An old sheet cut to 8'x3' and folded and sewn on two sides. (interior pillow of bed)
Cedar Pet Chips (from the Pet section in Wal-Mart - about $7.50)
One 30" zipper (Wal-Mart, again)

Let me just note - I TYPICALLY omit the cute fabric, old sheet (inner pillow), and zipper and just sew a big rectangle, leave one end open and pour in the chips, then stitch the end closed.  Today, I was a little more creative and included an inner pillow so that I can reuse the monogrammed and zippered outer pillow. 
1.  Sew the Drop Cloths on three sides and leave one side open for the zipper.

2.  Iron adhesive craft paper onto the back of cute fabric about 1'x1'.  Cut the doggie initial out of the cute fabric - it does not have to be perfect - just freehand the letter with scissors.  Peel the adhesive paper off the back and iron the letter near the center of one of the drop cloths.  (If you are particular about things being even or centered - just fold your cloth in half two times and the common fold will be your center.)

3.  Zig-Zag stitch around the letter to secure it during future washings.

4.  Sew the zipper in the best you can.  No one will ever look at it.  It does not need to be perfectly tight since there will be an inner pillow holding the wood chips.

5.  Sew inside pillow out of old sheets/fabric.  Leave one side open to fill wood chips.

6.  Have someone help you dump half of the wood chips into the cheap fabric. 

7.  Sew the end closed.

8.  Slip the inner pillow into the drop cloth pillow.

9.  Take the dog to the groomer to get a bath (which she hates) so that she will not mess up her new bed.

Oh, and then ask the dog WHY she prefers the cool wooden floor during the day and the bed at night. 

Enjoy this cool weather!

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hilary @ oldhouse.truelove. said...

super cute.

ButterYum said...

Awww... Maggie has such a sweet face, and I love that she thinks she's human. Our cat Misty thinks she's human too.


Karena said...

Too adorable, as big as Maggie is! I am 100% sure she loves her bed!

Do come and enter my Designer Pillows Giveaway!

Art by Karena

Debby said...

Such a cute post. Love your sweet dog and his new bed. We put or Springer in a cage when we leave the she doesn't wat something she shouldn't - like pillows. Our little Yorkie sleeps in front of her cage on the bare floor. It is always warm when we come home. I put a big ladybug pillow pet in front of the cage. She sleeps on the floor still. Got to love our human pets.

Veronica said...

Maggie is gorgeous and our Lab Smirnoff would love her to bits! He doesn't ever chew anything until I give him something to sleep on!


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