Friday, August 5, 2011

Quirky Furniture

In a hurry, again, today. But saw these cute pieces of furniture and wanted to share them....

Aren't those chairs cute?

Saw this side table and thought it was a tablecloth.  It is a rattan table!

Traditional Home

Ooooh - wish I could see that chair to the right a little better!

Traditional Home

That would be my 'queen' chair, if I lived here!

Enjoy your day!

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Isabel said...

Love the kitchen in the first pic:O) Have a great day!!:O)

Debbie Tibbs said...

Just wanted you to know I love your blog!!

SouthMainMuse said...

That rattan table cloth is the bomb.

Sjn said...

I love the yellow beadboard ceiling in the last shot, great color!

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