Monday, August 8, 2011

Prepping for the Dorm Room

My daughter is collecting items for her dorm room.

She will officially be a college student in two weeks!

She is going with a turquoise theme for her room.

Here she is with a painting she painted this weekend for her future dorm cell room.

Great, isn't it?  That should give those old white walls a little punch!

Oh, and we were "forked" and "rolled" over the weekend. 

We are in a drought.  Pretend my grass is green.

Have a great day!

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Claire said...

Don't mind me but is being"forked" and "rolled" a good thing?

Rebecca said...

Turquoise will make that "cell" quite cheerful Her painting is great!

"Rolled" I have seen before. "Forked" is new to me.

Debby said...

We call rolled Tp..ed....
Never heard of forked. Bet those were hard to get in the ground.
Like the painting.

Paula said...

Is forked and rolled a fundraiser?

Love the painting! Your daughter is a cutey!

Sjn said...

ah, where is she going? UGA? GCSU? Hope she stays close bye for you!
Forked huh? Never saw that before.

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