Monday, July 25, 2011

Historic Buildings and Mail Order

We took a Sunday drive to South Carolina to visit family.

And we took the long way home.

My husband can take excellent photos with an i-phone.

Abandoned store in Penfield, Georgia


Penfield Baptist Church - Greek Revival style - c. 1845.

I am thinking I need to get him a nice camera and he can just quit his day job and sell his photographs for a living.  (just kidding, honey, please don't resign!)

Historic marker in Elberton, Georgia

Oh, and I ordered some mugs from my Printfection store- to see if I like the quality,

and I do!

Photo courtesy of my 12-year-old helper.

I also received my new recipe binder that I designed for my Zazzle shop....

It will replace this pitiful binder I have used for years.....

I will probably cook a lot more, now that I have the new binder and all.

Enjoy your day!

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Terry said...

Wonderful to see Penfield Baptist Church. It's a vision in it's setting with it's stubby steeple.

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