Monday, July 18, 2011

Do You Zazzle?

This is officially my favorite coffee mug. 

I use it every morning.

I ordered it from Zazzle a year ago - using my art to design the mug.

I also designed some magnets on Zazzle that I used for Christmas gifts, last year.

Do you Zazzle?

Do you have a Zazzle store?

I just set up a Zazzle store, here.....

I added this flash ad (as in "tacky and flashy") to my sidebar.  Please let me know if it slows down your computer, or if my blog now takes forever to load.   Or if it annoys you too much to ever visit me, again.

book available here

As for making a PROFIT - I guess time will tell! 

What do you think?

Is Zazzle a profitable way to sell art?

Just curious.  I need some opinions from anyone who may have tried Zazzle in the past.

By the way - I have been quite pleased with Etsy and would encourage others to open an Etsy store.

Just sayin - because I am trying to make this post at least a little bit informative.

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FinsFan said...

We love ZAZZLE !! there are always ZAZZLE gifts all around our tree at Christmas for those fun and special, personal touches :)

Isabel said...

Ive ordered from there but not set up a store yet, my Etsy is slow! But im hanging in there:O) I will have stop by your store:O)

Jamie said...

I've got to get one of those mugs. Do they come in super-duper wake-me-from-a-coma size?

Cammily said...

I love Zazzle - I started my shop there a year ago, but will have my first order this month. I have to say: If you really want to earn money, it takes a while, but if you are really patient and you keep adding products, then it really works. I had my first sales after approx. 2 months of being a Zazzle member...and since then it's growing. It's quite difficult to make a living there, but to get a little additional money it's a nice way.

All success there!

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