Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Art

May and June were so busy, I did not have much time to paint.

And I have a difficult time scheduling my painting time in the summer.

I owe a friend a piece of art for her home, but just cannot quite 'get it right.'  I hope I am happy with the piece, soon.  She has been quite patient.

I sold several paintings last week, so I left the kids to destroy the house on their own, this week, while I worked on a few more.  (They are actually old enough not to do that, anymore - they just stare at computer and tv screens all day, if I am not around to say "turn that off."  They also decide that icecream and potato chips will be their lunch.  And their snack.  And their other snack.)

My kitchen is not actually bright green - just a subtle green. 

I also tried printing notecards, but am not happy with the quality of the prints, so these are the only set. 

That is another item on my "to do" list - find a printing company I like!

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Alyssa said...

Love you art style :) So pretty and your re-do's are awesome as well! Alyssa of Boston Bee

Mary said...

these are all beautiful, but i especially like the orange "trust in the Lord and do good" piece!!

Privet and Holly said...

I completely get
kids in front of
screens and crazy
lunches!!! I just
LOVE the orange piece
with the Bible quote.
Beautiful, Tricia.
xx Suzanne

janet said...

I agree with your cheerful style.

Janet xox

Erica said...

I just LOVE the orange piece with the Bible quote.

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