Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Home Tour

(Okay - a day late, but here is the other home tour I promised you earlier this week.
This home was one of my favorites.)

Another beautiful home featured on the Madison in May Tour of Homes was the weekend home of Jimmy Stanton.

Somehow I managed to get a shot of the main hall without any people in the photo!

And what a beautiful hall it is!

This home is gorgeous. Simple, yet perfectly decorated.

The homeowner was very gracious and generously answered questions through two days of the tour. 

My husband has already seen these pictures and patiently listened to me explain how we are going to recreate this kitchen in our own home.

I love how casual this kitchen feels. 
Plus, you know I love hydrangeas. 
And old wood. 
And plenty of natural light. 
And white marble. 

The outside living spaces were relaxed and quite lovely.


(That is a mirrored window at the end  - a great idea for a small yard!)


I particularly liked the three large matching pots of boxwoods plced on a table.  I realize that they were placed on the table to elevate the plants and 'break up' the large gap between the windows and the patio.  (Since the patio is bricked all the way to the house, planters or maybe a climbing vine are obviously the only way to place foliage along this side of the home.)

Visit this month's Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles for additional photos of Jimmy Stanton's home.

Hope you enjoyed my version of the tour!

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Georgia Belle, J.D. said...

Trish- I have been wondering about this house! Looks fab! Is he single ;)

Rebecca said...

I see why you liked this house! The front hallway is wonderful - but I really like the bathroom. My dream is to have a shower like that that you could just hose down :)

Thanks for posting "your version". I'll look forward to seeing YOUR "new" kitchen :)

Jenny said...

Very nice, thanks for the tour. ;-)

The Cranky Queen said...

Great tour...thanx for sharing. Got some ideas for a client I have been working with...Tiff

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