Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dogwood Trees

Spring in the South is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !

We have twelve dogwood trees on our half acre lot. 

My neighbor has a gorgeous pink dogwood I can see from my kitchen window. 

And then....
we had severe winds blow through two nights ago,
and I lost two of the really old dogwood trees. 


So thankful it wasn't an oak on top of my house!

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Isabel said...

I soooo LOVE those trees they are just gorgeous to look at and have:O) So sorry about losing a few of them but glad you guys are ok!!! Have an awesome week:O)

Martina @ Northern Nesting said...

So sorry to here you lost two but glad it didn't do any damage! What a pretty street you live on, and the dogwoods are beautiful! Martina

Pamma said...

Oh no! sorry, but yes, thank goodness no house damage. And, at least, you got some great pictures.

Your place is beautiful! And I always love reading your posts.

janet said...

The Dogwood is our state tree. I simply adore them and have a few on our 3 acres.

So sorry about yours..very sad.

Janet xox

Paula said...

You have a gorgeous yard. I'm so sorry that you lost two of your Dogwoods. They are so slow growing that it is frustrating to know that you'll never replace their glory in your lifetime. We had a huge one beside our house that died. I still miss it!

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

That is so disappointing to lose old trees, especially beautiful flowering ones!

Once during a storm, we lost 20 pine trees on the side of our house. The weather had gotten warm + it had rained. Then a surprise late winter storm blew through. The combination of soft ground and heavy snow was very damaging.

Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. The only things poking their heads out of the frozen ground up here are daffodils!! :)

Betty said...

So sorry about your Dogwood trees...Mindy lost all her Bradford Pears along the drive.

She told me about so many 100 year old Oaks down in sad.

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