Thursday, December 16, 2010

Easy Christmas Banner

Remember this easy and inexpensive banner I made last year?

I made another type, this year. 
In less than 15 minutes - with items I had on hand.

No one else is the entire world needs a new camera as badly as I do.  Santa - can you hear me?


Here is an easy tutorial, if you are interested.  This project would be perfect for kids between the ages of 8 and 15.

Items needed:
Card stock
hole punch
cheap jute twine
ink for stamps
15 minutes

1. Cut the cards - I used a paper cutter and cut each one 4-1/4" in length.
2. Stamp the cards.

3. Punch two holes in the top of each card.
4. Thread the jute twine through the holes.

5. And hang. 

It is actually quite cute, whether you can tell from my photos, or not.
Someone needs to change a few lightbulbs.

Here is a photo I took with the lights off - hoping for a clearer photograph.

And one last attempt.....

Enjoy your last week of Christmas!

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janet said...

Thank you..thank you, this looks so easy!

Janet xox

Privet and Holly said...

Love this!
This is about
my speed when
it comes to
crafty. Luckily,
I have an artistic
daughter who I
now go to when I
don't GET how
something is done!
LOVE your new
paintings, to....
so so lovely and
full of JOY, just
like your first
painting says.
Hope you are having
a wonderful week!
xx Suzanne

notes of sincerity said...

Cute Trish! And I love those letter stamps!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Cute banner, Trish.

Cindy said...

Great and do-able without fuss! I will do this with my girls. Thanks for the idea!

Anderson's said...

Cute banners! I might have to try it out :)

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