Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Beautiful Idea

A strand of pearls
on a white tree topped with tulle
in an urn tied with a blue ribbon
sitting on a platter made of china filled with ornaments
on a silver tray
atop a beautiful white lace tablecloth
covering a table.

Hmmmm.... That ought to give me a few creative ideas.

Enjoy your day!

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Isabel said...

That is gorgeous and yes a great idea!!:O)

very merry vintage style said...

tons of ideas! this is amazing... love the silver tray touch!

Anonymous said...

That's stunning.


Rene said...

That image is stunning.


Olive Cooper said...

I love urns and search high and low for them! This is a great look.

sara@augustfields said...

i love the pearls layered on the white tree! this would be cute in a little girls room :) .....hmmm....now you have ME thinking! :)

mydesignchic said...

How beautiful...having a party this weekend and I'm definitely going to try my hand at this one!!

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