Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Reading a Great Book

Radical by David Platt

I am about half-way through. 

Here are a few excerpts I found interesting.....

I received a Christian news publication in the mail.  The front cover had two headlines side by side.  .....On the left one headline read, "First Baptist Church Celebrates New $23 Million building."  .....On the right was a much smaller article.  The headline for it read, "Baptist Relief helps Sudanese Refugees."  .... "Baptists have raised $5,000 to send to refugees in western Sudan."  Five thousand dollars.  That is not enough to get a plane into Sudan, much less one drop of water to people who need it."  Twenty-three million dollars for an elaborate sanctuary and five thousand dollars for hundreds of thousands of starving men, women, and children, most of whom were dying apart from faith in Christ...........

......So we rationalize these passages away.  "Jesus wouldn't really tell us not to bury our father or say good-bye to our family.  Jesus didn't literally mean to sell all we have and give it to the poor.  What Jesus really meant was...."
     And this is where we need to pause.  Because we are starting to redefine Christianity.  We are giving in to the dangerous temptation to take the Jesus of the bible and twist him into a version of Jesus we are more comfortable with.
A nice, middle-class, American Jesus.  A Jesus who doesn't mind materialism and who would never call us to give away everything we have. 

Just a little food for thought.  (I'm Baptist, by the way - so don't think I am judging anyone.  Just quoting the book.)  Have a great weekend!

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Tina Eudora said...

Hi Trish...
that sounds like a very interesting book. I have thought about stuff like that most of my life and in some ways it is why I do not belong to a specific church anymore. I became so saddened and disillusioned over the years and found I felt closer to the Lord just working in my garden and enjoying some of the simplest creations His Hand wrought.
I do miss the fellowship sometimes and maybe that is why I am happy I found blogging this year as I have met some wonderful spiritual people and maybe that was a blessing to me from Heavenly Father!
Have a great weekend and I may have to look at my local library for that book!
Tina xo

Rhondi said...

Hi Trish
I read that book and it certainly gave me lots to think about it.

Kathy said...

I will have to get this book -looks like it would stir up quite a bit of thoughts -I was just at our local Christian bookstore this evening and got the book written by Steven Curtis Chapman's wife

Chrissie said...

Whoa! there are some deep thoughts just in those two passages!

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