Any Centerpiece Ideas?

A while back I mentioned the invitation I painted for a Young Life fundraiser.

Here is my painting - before the words were added........

Now we need ideas for the centerpieces for each table.  Since this is a fundraiser, we are obviously trying to keep the costs down.  The themes are "growth" and "establishing deeper roots" in the community. 

Any ideas? 

I would love-love-love any links, or photos, or ideas. 

I am well-aware that I am about to "eat crow" after making fun of the centerpiece in yesterday's post. 

(Southern Living)

That centerpiece would actually fit our theme, very well.  But where would I find apple-laden branches?

I also saw this cute idea in Country Living.....

So, Growth and Roots .

I would love to hear your creative ideas!!!!

Thank you!


Trish I think in the picture those are persimmons. I love the apple arrangement but you could also use ivy (for knowledge) and then add either yellow mums or sunflowers to tuck around the ivy. And maybe even some red coxcomb too.

I can't wait to see what you end up using!

Kat :)
Farmgirl Paints said…
This is sooo not my area. But I love anything in blue mason jars. Just simple white flowers or a candle even. It's easy and stunning:)
MamaMonki said…
Our Dollar Tree always has cute things. I usually get pretty realistic bags of fall leaves there. Maybe you could do something with those?

Or you could do caramel apples in a jar/ pail as a centerpiece and then the guests would have something to take home. I don't know how many guests you have - so I'm not sure if that's feasible but maybe you could get a group of people to make caramel apples before hand?
I love the cypress and apples in the pail! You could use cut pieces of pine or cypress from trees in the area...FREE! The apples can be eaten after the event...recycled!

Janet xox
TSL said…
You are so amazing! I remember Young Life, some of the best time I had in middle school, so happy you are involved! Love your apple centerpieces!
Lindy said…
I love your invitation. I never really thought of making an invite in this way. We want to have a "Holloweeny Roast" next month and you just gave me an idea!
Trish, thanks for stopping by! I always admire your artwork, so pretty. Have a great weekend.