Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Historic Homes Summer 2010

I'm really struggling with Blogger, today - please overlook my spacing issues.

Old homes have so much character!  But WOW do they require maintenance.   As the owner of an 1850's house, I can appreciate the time and effort it takes to simply keep an old home in decent condition, much less the restoration that is often involved. It depends on the day (and what needs "fixin'"), but I can usually say that I enjoy my historic home.

Periodically I enjoy glancing through Old House Dreams site. Kelly shares many different styles of historic homes across America.

Here are some fun listings I found, today.  Click on the link for more photos and info.

This craftsman style home in Portland Oregon was built in 1913.  It is currently $1,249,000.

I also like this colonial in Caro, Michigan.


I would have to walk in and remove the scary mannequin by the front door within an hour of signing the closing documents....

How about a public school? This 1930's school in Kingston, Idaho is for sale for $189,000.

I LOVED playing school as a kid!  What a fun home for children.

This beautiful Greek Revival house is in the country near Eutaw, Alabama.

$695,000 and 8 acres.

The view out the front door is so peaceful.   (and given that this is rural Alabama, I doubt that this view would be replaced by a Wal-mart anytime, soon).

This next home is located in St. Helena, California.

This Italianate home was constructed in 1871. 

What a great back yard.  $4,400,000. 

This Georgian home was standing before the American Revolution....

$995,000   in Woodbury, Connecticut.

This 1928 tudor in Edina, Minnesota has beautiful interiors.....


I think I'll use those last two photos as inspiration to go clean my own home!
Have a great day!

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Red Door Home said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely homes. There is just something special about older homes.

The Pennington Point said...

That was really fun! I would live in a school in a heartbeat. I've always wanted a bathroom with stalls. :)

We live in a house built in 1923 and requires constant maintenance and upkeep. But I wouldn't trade it for a new house. I love the charm and uniqueness. Lisa~

Nancy's Notes said...

Wow Trish, those are just lovely! Each one has wonderful, charming and outstanding features! Thanks for sharing.

Olive Cooper said...

I love the yellow in the last photo. It just makes me happy. olive♥

Farmgirl Paints said...

Holy cow. I had NO idea that a house that looks that common in Edina was THAT expensive!!! WOW. My favorite was the 200,000. What a steal in comparison.

Isabel said...

O I wish I could live in everyone of them!!! My fav was the gingerbread looking house:O)And I agree the manequinn would have to go asap!! Thanx for sharing:O)

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