Monday, May 24, 2010

My Ten-Year-Old Helper is Eleven!

I had no idea how much I would enjoy having a son.

day after day after day
Fashion is not his "thing."
But, when you have two big sisters who consider it an unpardonable sin to re-wear an article of clothing within a two week span- why not allow the same Georgia Tech t-shirt a few times a week on the easy-going boy? (provided it is clean!) I hear that Einstein used to wear the same clothes day after day - so no big deal, right?

And he makes up for his lack of taste in fashion with his academic abilities.
I don't have to help him with any school work, yet. He is very responsible.

Here is one last photo.......
I STILL have not recovered my kids' baby pictures from the almost-dead computer, so the youngest digital photo I have of The Boy is this one..........

Puppy and Teddy (not pictured) went EVERYWHERE with us for years. I really miss those guys. WHERE do the years go?(Yes, we sled in the cemetery - the two biggest hills in town are there!)
(Is he adorable, or what!?)

(painting with a broken collar bone)

Every bit of his helpfulness is accompanied by a constant dialog of "interesting" facts. (Which milemarker we just passed, why Thomas Jefferson's dad raised him on someone else's plantation, which round of the football draft we are on, this week (at least, I think he said football), someone from Estonia read my blog, last week, how many hours and minutes are left until he turns 11-years-old on Monday at 1:05 pm, etc...)

I wish I could keep him TEN for a while longer!

When my "helper" was about two years old - I started feeling sorry for women who have never been blessed with a son. Having a boy around the house is so much fun! (Keep in mind I currently have two teenage daughters -which may explain my bias). The Boy does not complain about much - and he wants his Mom to be happy. He is very helpful, most of the time.I should probably go ahead and issue a public apology to his future wife.
He is the baby.
And the only boy.
So - his sisters and I tend to spoil him. He is a very poor bed-maker. And I am afraid one day he will tell his wife, "I don't have to brush my teeth, today - it's Saturday."

Then there are the Georgia Tech t-shirts.....

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Sam said...

From The "11-Year-Old Helper"-
My name is SAM. (I notice she didn't tell you)and I was probably talking about the NBA Draft Lottery, although I watched most of theNFL draft.
Thanks, Mom!

Rene @ cottage and vine said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy! Boys are so much fun aren't they?

Low Tide High Style said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful son, I hope he has a great day!

Kat :)

Terry said...

Happy birthday. My son has 2 big sisters too. Lucky boys (and lucky girls).

Rural Revival said...

Boys ARE fun! Yours is a cutie indeed! Mine turns 11 in less than two weeks. While it's a joy to watch them mature it is sad to let go of the little boy isn't it? I'm enjoying every hug and snuggle I can get before they disappear for a long, long while. : )


Jessalyn said...

Happy Birthday to your future Yellow Jacket!

Go Jackets!!!

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