Thursday, April 8, 2010

Inspiration in a Garden

I circled through my local Lowe's garden area, earlier this week.
Ready to plant a few beauties. The plants were trying to hide from me. They know me well.

This is what happens between plants and me in a typical spring......
1. I buy some nice plants and place them in my yard and vow to water them daily until the first frost in October.
2. I diligently water the plants.
3. Then it gets hot outside. Really, really hot and humid -and don't try and tell me you know what I mean by 'hot' unless you have personally spent an entire summer in Georgia.
4. So, I miss a day .......or two .....or three ..
and the plants start to wilt and they (the plants) look at me like they want me to take them back to the garden center.
5. I begin rationalizing the expense of having an irrigation system installed. "After all, that is the only way to have a pretty garden, right?"
6. Some of the plants die, some don't.
7. Vow to do better, next year.

Meanwhile - I can dream..........

Country Living

Country Living

Country Living

Country Living

Country Living

Country Living

Southern Living

Southern Living

Southern Living

Southern Living

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Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Beautiful images! This might be the year they all choose to survive! Did you know you can return plants to lowes/Home Depot...even if they died from neglect!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

The same thing happens to me every year. I can relate to that.

These photos are gorgeous. That blue fence/gate with the garden path is really calling my name this morning. So pretty...

Have a beautiful weekend, Trish!

Beth West said...

LOL Trish. I do know what you mean by hot because I spent many years in Houston and Austin Texas. Now I live in Maine! Those are such pretty pictures.

Kifus said...

Such a beautiful selection of photographs! I guess we are all in a longing for spring mood right now. I also battle with my plants, with some I win, with others I lose. But I believe it's all well worth it.

Have a sunny day Trish.

Allison Shops said...

Lovely photos. I know exactly what you mean - I live directly due west of you in Central Alabama. Hot. Humid. Yuck!

Dropping by from The Inspired Room. Come see what has inspired me in Blog Land. Don't forget our giveaway ends Saturday night - so be sure to register at AtticMag!


Farmgirl Paints said...

I would love to have a garden. I definitely do not have the gardening gene. Oh well I can at least dream though pictures right? Happy weekend to ya.

Sheri said...

Girl i feel your pain. Love the blue gated photo - actually they all sing out - but that blue gate with all the varying colors of the garden beyond just sends me over the edge.

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Beautiful garden pics!
Stopped by from Inspired Room.

Astrid said...

Gorgeous & inspiring photos! I'd vote for getting some sort of watering system installed...or do it yourself. :) We put one in for our veggie garden and it's soooo nice to have.

Debbie said...

Those are some inspiring photos, I wish my gardens looked as nice!~ Thanks for sharing.


Trish, just beautiful images. In summer Texas can be brutal. I must water 2X a day, and along the way get a really nice tan without trying. I feel so badly if I don't water...that I MUST water. It's a ritual to me, with aspirations of keeping those lovely flowers blooming in spite of everything else. Soldier on. xx's

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