Monday, December 28, 2009

Spanish Revival Kitchen Remodel

This Old House featured this beautiful kitchen remodel.........

I love the lighting.

And the beautiful floors.

And the black soapstone.

And the green paint.

Isn't this tile perfect for a Spanish Revival?!

And look at the cute spice door!

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Anna said...

wow, that is a beautiful kitchen!

Terry said...

I like the black and green too, especially with the blue plates.

niartist said...

I saw this too, and cut the page out IMMEDIATELY for my source book. I love everything about it! Great minds think alike, huh? So glad I stopped by! Check in sometime ..

Rene said...

I'm drooling on this kitchen. said...

I missed that one, thanks for showing us.
Happy New Year!

charm home said...

Somehow I missed this renovation too. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the compliments on my artwork. Have a Happy New Year! xo, Cristi

Mimi said...

Gorgeous kitchen! Love the little spice cabinet.

Tim Jen and Cyrus said...

I'm new to this site. Do you give tips on how to do this kind of thing on your blog or elswhere. Like where to get Spanish style tile? Thanks! Dreaming of a new(ish) kitchen,

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