Monday, December 28, 2009

A Chateau in France

Architectural Digest featured this beautiful chateau in France, this month.

The cliffs are amazing (and this was constructed before power tools!)

In fact, parts of this castle were constructed in the 10th and 11th centuries.

This 12,500 sf. castle/chateau was recently remodeled by New York architect Joseph Pell Lombardi for a real-estate-developer client.

The chateau served as a fortress during the 100-years-war.

Many parts of the castel (like the turrets) were built with basalt from an old volcano on the site - which explains the lake on the property - which is part of a crater left from the volcano.

above photos: Architectural Digest

With a natural 60 foot waterfall, of course!

Can you IMAGINE? Straight out of a fairy tale!

We were fortunate, a few years ago, to travel to France and stayed in this chateau...............

Here we are at breakfast, one morning...............

We spent two nights in this chateau in Normandy, and it was surprisingly affordable.

I noticed in the Architectural Digest photos (above) that the floors in one room were wood in a herringbone parquetry pattern. The floors in our chateau were also in a herringbone parquetry pattern.

German soldiers slept in our room back during WWII.

What a wonderful trip.

How about buying a chateau in France?
Here is one for sale in Normandy for $2,336,000 (U.S. dollars) (We could pool our money!)

While dreaming, I also found this even better DEAL............

$1,445,400 (U.S. dollars) with 5 master bedrooms and 10 servant bedrooms.

Look at this plaster-work...........

This chateau was formerly an 18th century abbey.

Here is more of the description.......

"15 hectares in which 10 of park-arboretum and 5 of separate woodland, lake and river.
In the heart of the Normandy countryside, beautifully preserved (National Park), and only 15 km from sandy beaches. "

The kids just woke up - I am back to reality! Have a great day!

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Haven and Home said...

These make me want to take a vacation to a chateau!

Terry said...

You have my full, irrevocable moral support for your chateau purchase, as long and you ship it to Georgia.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Oh wow, out of my budget but what a deal!! That barely buys you a townhouse here in DC! Love the pictures of your family on your vacation!

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