Friday, November 6, 2009

Country Living Farmhouse

Gotta love that Country Living.
You may have seen this cute farmhouse - but thought I would share some of my favorite rooms!

This light fixture is one of my favorites ...........

I don't think I would put a bench that beautiful on a porch. (just to be a little catty).

I love the windows in this bath.

(This is a 1940's home, so I am assuming the windows are similar throughout the house.)

I am not sure I could have figured out that this fabric on the windows would actually work with that paint.............

Awfully pretty, though! And look at that wooden ceiling in the next room!

I want to use gray in a room, but couldn't go this dark. This next room is beautiful.

I LOVE the light fixture!!!

She used a similar, but smaller one, in the kitchen.

Okay. How can her kitchen be messy and not look as disgusting as mine does when it is a mess? Maybe it is the marble.
Marble can make a mess look good.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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rachel @ perfectly imperfect said...

i just looked at this on the website yesterday- beautiful home. i wouldn't have figured those dark colors either, but it really works!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

There was something about this particular house that I really liked. It is completely different from mine, but I think it is the farmhouse sophistication. I really love that marble kitchen.

Katie said...

I've always wanted marble countertops in my kitchen. Now I know why!! I can make messes, and the kitchen will still look good! Mwahaha! ;o)

Amy said...

I love that bathroom!

Anonymous said...

What an inspiring inyerpratation of farmhouse style.

I read this issue and lingered over ever page.

I think that touches like the bench you mentioned on the porch make this feel luxurious, whimsical and indulgent. As long as it can withstand the elements...go for it!

nannykim said...

Actually I don't like marble or granite countertops--they both look messy to me--all that stuff going on!! (I know I am going against the trend!) I have old worn out countertops--but we probably won't replace them for a coon's age (whatever that is!?)....But I would consider wood ...not sure how that would stand up however!--I like the mellowness, the oldness,the naturalness , the warmness of wood.

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