Monday, October 26, 2009

Picasa 3

Yes - I changed my banner!
And it was really quite simple - even on my archaic computer.
Sarah at CloverLane has very explicit instructions for making banners through Picasa 3. Thank you, Sarah!
(Picasa is a free download for graphics from Google. And if MY ancient computer can pretty much handle the program - I am certain your more up-to-date computer will love it.)

I also spent several hours last week painting sets for my daughter's middle school play. I completely forgot to take photos of the sets while in use. (The camera was at home while I was at the play!) But here is a photo of one of the 4'x8' panels of winter birch trees before they left the house.........

And the Moon Lady's cottage in the woods.........

(not all that pleased with the cottage - that panel took less than an hour and it shows.)

And that was my week. Hoping to be a little more productive this week.

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Terry said...

Keep those big birch trees coming.

nannykim said...

I am liking the birch trees!! That would be so neat to have on a wall!!

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