Thursday, October 22, 2009

Furniture Feature Friday

Very little furniture was purchased in the decorating of this home.
Background: My husband and I have been fortunate to inherit alot MOST of our furniture. I mean VERY fortunate!! (I think our families finally realized that their grandkids were going to grow up with empty rooms if they didn't donate a few items to "The Cause.") After we were married about 7 years, I totaled the complete amount of moo-lah spent on ALL our furniture and realized that a whopping $1,400 was invested in our furnishings. You heard me. I threw a little fit - and we spent a little more. (My husband can be slow to catch on -the $1,400 sounded like a lot to him - so the fit ensued.)

Furniture Feature Fridays

Well, today is Furniture Feature Friday at Miss Mustard Seed. You will get a little tour of my newly decorated dining room that you may be sick of seeing, by this point. This furniture has not actually been "re-made" nor re-painted - just "re-purposed." A couple of pieces are supposed to be used elsewhere (at an office and in a general store). The other two items were former rental house rescues.

Please also know that I am IN NO WAY BRAGGING! Okay? My furniture is not even close to perfect - and that is okay with me. Just happy to have it. I hope my Furniture Feature posts will actually encourage some of you newlyweds who might be low on furnishings, as well as strengthen my fellow thrifty, garage sale diving, bargain-shopper blogfriends to press on -and continue to seek out the good deals.

In case you missed it, I just repainted my dining room -before and after here.

The Tiger Eye (or Quarter Sawn) oak table and chairs and very large sideboard are very old and were my husband's great-aunt's items that she had been using in a rental house. The large sideboard is very, very dark from years of finishes - My mom says it is walnut.

It has a large mirror across the back.

Cost of chairs, table, and large buffet: Free to us! Yipee!

Here is how the old table opens for several leaves to be inserted.

The dusty tag stapled inside reads "Bernstein Bros. Furniture and Undertaking, Athens, Ga." Furniture AND Undertaking?? I did some research and the two businesses combined were quite common in the 1800's and early 1900's! There was one other sticker inside that reads "The Mersman Bros. Brandt Co. -Dining and Library Tables, only." "Only" actually means until the Great Depression hit and they had to start branching out and building other furniture pieces (per an article I found on the internet.) (The table was built between 1906 and 1927 - because the company had different names before and after that time period. Interesting - to me, anyway.)

Here is a photo of the base.

See what I mean by "not perfect?"

Obviously needs some refinishing and restoration. But will "do" for now. (Did I mention this piece was used as rental house furniture?)

I do not know how old the buffet is. But I think it is considered victorian (late 1800's). I love the little lion claw feet.

Remember: Former rental house furniture.

The glass case near the window is actually an old display case from a general store.

It is oak (very light wood). The glass is nice and heavy. My mom gave us this piece when she moved to her new house and no longer had a place for it. She calls it an old candy case. She bought it in South Georgia.

Cost: Free to us! Another Yipee!!

The credenza is from my husband's old office.

We will eventually move it to his new office (it matches his desk and bookcase) - but, we just haven't found the time or energy to do that. So, I've filled it full of things that needed to be stored!

Now, Julia at Hooked on Houses is also hosting a "House Tour" party! So...........

We will now LEAVE the dining room and head back out onto the front porch and enter the house through the autumn decorations!

We are in Georgia, so "yes" that is a cotton wreath.

And one last room........

(inherited bed and hand-me-down chairs).

Boring tour, if you aren't "into antiques."

We are certainly blessed, aren't we??!!!

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Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Very charming! I love antiques and your hardwood floors are gorgeous:-) That headboard in the bedroom is amazing. Very jealous right about now!

Shannon said...

Is that porch swing? I am jealous! Come share your porch at the Posh Porch Party next week!

Anonymous said...

Family furniture gives personality to your rooms. Most of mine is old family stuff, maybe not in perfect shape, but that doesn't bother me. I love the history of it.

mishebe said...

lovely. geat furniture. love your drapes.

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

I love "antiques" and have a few of my own. Nothing boring about your tour! Looks beautiful.

Miss Mustard Seed said...

I just love those pieces! Absolutely gorgeous. That is a riot about furniture making and undertaking being combined. I guess if you're making a coffin, you might as well make a dining room table. Why not? I have learned my one new thing for the day. Thanks for participating in Furniture Feature Friday. We'll be having it every week, so come back again!

Tricia Anne said...

Oh boy, I just love your home! :o)
Woody and I started out much like you did. :o) If it weren't for the kindness of others, we may not have had too much to go with either. :o)
Little by little. And I would not trade those first days for a home full of furniture! :o)
Have a lovely day!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne
Ps. I am purchasing one of your art pieces (it is a print, one day I hope to own the original-smile).

Shelia said...

Oh, I have enjoyed my visit so much! What a blessing to have inherited those beautiful antiques for your dining room! I love them! It is hard to imagine these were used in a rental! :) I'm very proud for you to have these, especially since they were from family members! Your dining room is so pretty and I like your wall color - it really sets off your antiques.
Nice entry to your home too! Just lovely. Hope you'll back to see my Fallness too!
Be a sweetie,
shelia :)

Cindy said...

I LOVE antiques, having grown up with a gramma who was a dealer and a mom who was a collector. I've inherited several beautiful pieces that I treasure. You have such a gorgeous the rooms and furniture.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Your front door is beautiful--love that wreath on it! And I think I need that "J" pillow on the porch swing. :-)

Funky Junk Interiors said...

What a great home! Lovely furniture! I adore imperfections! Everything just really has alot of character and personality. Now that BED is to totally die for here!

All your pieces suit your house to perfection!


Carmel said...

It is so beautiful, I love the dining room and bed room!

Rue said...

Was that you in the mirror?? You're beautiful!

Anyhoo... The new chair covers are perfection and I really really want them for myself! I spied that buffet in your earlier post and was hoping you would share close up pictures. GORGEOUS. The story about the table and chairs was interesting to me too, but I love that kind of stuff ;)

Your front porch is darling and your bedroom is fantastic. I love your bed :)

Boring? Not in the least my friend!


Sue said...

Love the bedroom furniture and the display cabinet in the dining room. Being in the furniture biz, I knew that undertaking and furniture building had a common thread. Your buffet and mirror are very nice! As for your porch- it is very welcoming and I really love your cotton wreath! How ingenious...

Bec said...

Wow! Your "not perfect" furniture is, well, perfect!!

Michelle@Sweet Something said...

I think this is a great post, not boring at all! You've got some great pieces there and I really like the candy case! THAT is awesome! Great tour!

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

You have been blessed with some great furniture!

ceekay said...

Your bed is fantastic. I love antiques so I was not bored at all!

Christi said...

So many wonderful pieces in your home. The cotton wreath is fabulous!

Christi @ A Southern Life

Sarah Ann said...

Wow, you sure are blessed! You have such amazing furniture! I'm envious!

Sam said...

Love your home!!! Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing. The bed is just lovely!!!

Janis said...

Found this while searching Bernstein Brothers of Athens. My 3rd great grandparents were "undertaken" there. Beautiful home!

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