Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are Decorating Magazines Helpful?

Glancing through Southern Living and enjoying the pretty rooms thinking about what all I need to do to our home.

I have my list in stages of urgency.

Like ......
Immediate: Clean, scrub, clean, fold, sort, throw out, clean, mop, dust
Problem: Immediate becomes daily -ALL day.

Paint Dining Room
Replace Chair in Den and add an additional chair
sew slipcover so that I don't have to buy the new chair
organize shelves in laundry room

And then there is the Dream List:
Empty play room and redecorate
Remove drop ceiling in laundry room and hang sheet rock over the hole in the plaster
Replace several boards on back deck.
Refurnish front office.
Landscape driveway area.

So much to think about.

Well, while I try to decide which project to begin, first (after I play tennis), I will just look through Southern Living for slip cover ideas.................

And, "Oh, Yea" this next picture reminded me that I need new curtains in the den...........

Reversible is a thought..........

Here is another idea (back on what to do about chairs in the den).............

Then there is the back deck that needs repair...........

I'd better stop before I am totally disheartened. Or maybe I will run buy some pumpkins and have fun decorating - the laundry can wait, once again (the kids have on clothes, today - right?).

What a cute mini-pumpkin wreath!

You have to admit - the pictures are beautiful! Have a great Wednesday!

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Farmgirl Paints said...

Those are awesome pics. Loved the mini pumpkin wreath and the slipcovered bar stools. That painting in the kitchen of the oysters...amazing:)

janet said...

Love the photos..that giant spider is too cool! I have been scanning magazines lately for slipcover(sofa) ideas. We all need to keep in mind those rooms in mags are staged to look that wonderful. Lets see what we would get with a surprise visit on a hectic wednesday...not so perfect I imagine. Great post and I loved the comment about the kids wearing clothes...too funny ;-)

Sjn said...

I have my lists too. When I have too much to do I get overwhelmed and do nothing. Part of me doesn't want to spend any money right now, so I do the things I can do myself. But that takes lots of time! Slow progress here at my house ;-)

Diann said...

Never get tired of looking at all those magazines!

janice said...

Hey!! Look who finally was able to pull up your blog!! I love it. :) Please let me work for you. Call Sam. Look at that flag. I'm very excited!

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