Historic Homes for Sale - Tour 7

Historic homes make you step back and take a second look.
The history........
the character........
the charm.........
the unique-ness..........
the work they entail ..........

Found these lovely historic beauties FOR SALE while online dreaming (less expensive than online shopping).
Some are a little pricier than others. The links all have extra pictures, if you are interested.
Also - none of the listings include the phrase "adjacent to the local trash incinerator", however, one never knows if the location is 'excellent' or 'poor.'

Isn't this rock house in Sawmill, Pennsylvania a beauty?! $799,999

Quite majestic. The large trees certainly add to the home's presence.

Clearly, this next house needs some love. But what precious bones it has! The $9,000 price tag either means "lots of work needed", "middle of no-where, or maybe both."

Wow. Amazing Queen Anne in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

"Wow" is about all I can say. Stunning.

Historic Huff/Lamberton home in Minnesota c.1857. $1,250,000

And what a beautiful blue sky.

How about the historic Road's End Farmstead in Jaffrey, New Hampshire?

And 21 acres, too!


This one in Virginia is calling my name. But where will I get the $3,995,000?

Built in 1865 with 900+ beautiful acres!

Cute little dormers on this 1764 home (on 37 acres) near Charlottesville, Virginia.


Through daydreaming for the time being.

Have a great day!


trish said…
The second house draws me in! :o)
Unknown said…
I'll take the first one. I love the old fieldstone houses. Too bad they were short on windows.
Love the Decor! said…
The second one reminds me of a stray puppy. It just needs a little TLC
to be beautiful