Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Great View

Saw this beautiful Hudson Valley farm in Country Living..........

My favorite part is the land...............

And how would you like to move into this fixer-upper?...........

Wow! What a re-do see the cost at Country Living.

Yes, this is the same window and room - (where some elbow grease, wood, nails, and a hammer hid the top of the 'triangular window.')

Great VIEW, huh? (the great view is my theme -it's what I am "hooked on").

Love that hot-pink touch to the blue room.

I will gladly take this last house, if they are giving it away...........

Pretty, pretty!

Have a great day!

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janet said...

the last photo is my favorite!!!! I'm from the Hudson Valley...lot's of homes like that there.

Porch Days said...

I looked at the make over CL site. Why didn't those people at least repaint before now! Wow, the new look is so much better.

Heartfire At Home said...

That last house is divine!

The view is certainly amazing from the house they redid.... so much better once done up!

I love lots of green and rolling hills. Not something I have a lot of where I live, we're in the middle of a drought!

Linda. :)

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